Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A DIY Womans Worst Nightmare

It's been day...whatever...on this journey of getting this house turned into a home in time for our big move-in day and I have realized what my worst trial that I have endured so far.

Sawdust in the bra.

If you have never experienced this, I kid you not, it is probably one of the most uncomfortable things you can ever have happen to you. Trust me. Is there a cure? A remedy perhaps that I haven't heard about yet or read about in my "So You Bought a Home" manual. I need your help ladies. Any remedies out there to help me cope?

My best, Lynn

Monday, March 19, 2012

What's Up Buttercup?

That's what I always say to my best friend whenever I haven't spoken to her in ages and I know that she has some good life stories to share with me whenever we chat on the phone. And now I say that to you all fine folks because in the reverse order I actually have alot of things to fill you in on.

Now here is my disclaimer right now: It is midnight, I'm exhausted, and I don't even have my camera present to do anything with my pictures anyway.

Have you guessed it yet? Yep. Wait for it....


Seriously we are truly this happy right now. This all went down last Friday and I haven't even had time to breath let alone write a post about it. There are so many things in the works right now at the new place. Don't worry I am photo documenting every (scratch that-almost every) single step we are taking and I will soon and eventually put them all up on here for you to share the journey with us and hopefully learn something along the way.

Here are the many things that we have done since getting the keys to the place and a list of the things to come that will be happening sooner than later hopefully!

1. Ripped out all of the old carpeting in 4 1/2 bedrooms to get some of the "old air" out of the house. I say 1/2 because my eager beaver of a big man brother ripped out the top layer of a carpeted room that wasn't supposed to be ripped out just yet, and right now we are just left with the padding underneath.

2. Painted the living room, master bedroom, and 2 kids rooms. The house is smelling waaaaay better already just from that. Ooo don't let me forget to tell you that we also from day one went to the store and bought the biggest can of Chock Full O' Nuts coffee and put plates of ground coffee in each room to absorb the stench of "old air". It works really good, but that coupled with the new paint has worked wonders!

3. Ripped out all the old baseboards in the rooms to make room for our new brazilian cherry wood laminate floors.

4. Started laying said brazilian cherry wood laminate floors on Saturday. Still working on them today - Monday. And will hopefully finish up working on them tomorrow - Tuesday.

And here are the things still left to accomplish:

1. Put in new baseboards. After ripping out the old ones and seeing how inexpensive it would be to just replace them with nicer looking ones we passed in HD, we both lightbulbed it at the same time and now we are going down this path.
2. Finish the flooring in my daughters room, sons room, and our room.
3. Clean the house from top to bottom after finishing all floors.
4. Move in all furniture from old house.
5. Finish cleaning out old house - inside and out.
6. Finally get into new house by March 31st and start gutting out the guest bathroom (you know, the one with the green toilet and bathtub?) to be used in time for the little girls graduation party.

Oh did I not mention that we are hosting the Pre-K graduation carnival for all our little friends parents in June? Which is only 1, 2, 3 months away! Sheesh...I better get some sleep so I can be up and at 'em first thing tomorrow. Umm...today.

Thanks for all your well wishes during the crazy time that was escrow for us. How I didn't pull out all my hair I'll never know...

My best, Lynn

Monday, January 30, 2012

House Update...

Let's just start off by saying a with a huge thumbs down "BOOOOOOO!!!!"

After all these weeks of breaking my back, guzzling gas like a champ, and wearing my vans brakes to almost nubs trying to get to the realtors office before they close up for the day, I get a message from my backup realtor (the one that the main realtor delegates most of our paperwork to) saying that the underwriter needs this that and the other. Almost 3 weeks in. And in the beginning I had asked her if there is anything that the underwriter usually asks for and she was all like "La dee da dee dah - nope, you should be good." How wrong was she?

Hold on. I need to take a few deep breaths and let my blood pressure go down. Counting to 10...okay I'm good again.

Yeah, so the chick tells me that everything is all hunky dorey and meanwhile back on the ranch the underwriter needed all this stuff to get our loan approval finalized and now long story short - this morning I went and dropped off the last of our credit tradeline which tells her that we have paid our bills on time for years to our insurance Co. and that they agree and sent us a confirmation letter stating that fact. So now this Tuesday will come and go and bye bye original closing date. It looks like this is going to get pushed back to the mid to late middle of February.

For those of you just starting the process of buying a house, I would get a few of these things in line from the beginning just in case your agent pulls the same thing: bank statements from your bank for the last 12 months, proof of 3 companies you do business with currently that have all positive payment records - you paid them on time consistently sorta thing. And if you are not in the market right now but soon will be then by all means your best bet to getting in a home loan and subsequent home is by paying all of your bills on time and never missing a payment or missing a payment for more than 30 days. And that's my bit of advice for you this fine Monday morning.

But on the bright side, which I do like to look at more so than the dark side of things, some good did come out of today. The realtor who owns the office offered me a job. I am pretty enthusiastic and looking at houses has always been my thing - other than writing. If I couldn't write, then my next most favoritest job would definitely be a realtor. So he said if I get serious about the opportunity he could hook me up with a great real estate teacher dubbed "the best in the area by far" in his own words.

So hmmmmm.....I'm thinking there may be a sweet little career change in my future someday, who knows?

What do you think? Should I become a realtor? Is it ridiculously hard to truly make a buck or is it a sweet gig all the way around? Do tell me what your thoughts are on this.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

House Update

Okay so yesterday Monday January 16, we had our first home inspection. Inspector Jim was a great help and a wealth (kinda) of knowledge. I say kinda because there were alot of things that I asked him if we could do to the house he was pretty much mum on the matters. "Could I put a tankless water heater in the laundry?" "MmmIdunno. You can certainly hire someone that can tell you all about that." Gee thanks....

But overall when it came to just the actual inspection he was all bout it, bout it and knew what he was doing and he was a great guy and did a 2 hour inspection that was super thorough and we got a nifty gifty of a whole printout book of information to take home at the end. I know you are wondering how it turned out and I will tell you now that overall - the house is a gem.

But there are also some scars on the old battlewagon as well. Since it was made in 1974 there is an old water heater from 1982 that is 15 years past its prime. Yep. 15 years. There was a small leak in one of the bathrooms, the oven is fried, and the roof is doing something mega weird which will lead to constant water damage to our back room if not addressed soon and before the rainy season arrives. Aaaaaand one of the breakers in the laundry room is backwards I believe? So yeah, to say that there are a few things that will need to be taken care of is an understatement.

Michael (the husband) is ready to walk away if the sellers don't agree to fix these things and I agree with him but at the same time it makes me sad because we have sunk so much time and money already into this little home and it would be a shame to see it all go down the drain in one fell swoop like a Florida sinkhole.

So that is the update for now. Waiting for the sellers to play ball and pay for all the stuff that needs fixing before we agree to buy the whole shebang, shebang! It's nerve racking and unsettling and it's driving me to eat cheese sticks late into the night and put the brakes on filling up the moving boxes.


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