Thursday, December 23, 2010

Has This Ever Happened To You?

Today I was on the phone making an appointment to go show my mom a house that we have fallen in love with. It's old (1980), 2 story, space for days, and a definite fixer upper. When I went with the realtor the first time to look at it, he warned me before going in. He said:

"Now Lynn my fact sheet says it needs some TLC which basically means the place is a dump. But don't be deterred because you'd be surprise what a little elbow grease could do to a place."

Thanks Dale! That's his name....Dale.

We get into the house and whoa and behold the place is faaaaaar from being a dump. It's actually quite the little gem and diamond in the rough. It had a super solid foundation, nothing super wrong with it. The only thing that I could see where they say needs TLC is that the previous owners ripped out all the flooring in the master bedroom and bathroom and gutted the closet. But hey, there are carpenters in my family and my husband and I are pretty handy. So that was basically a non issue.

I've watched enough HGTV "My First Place", "House Hunters", and "Property Virgins" to have that eye that cuts through all the mess of a house and realize its true potential.

And so did Dale apparently...... (enter ominous looming music)

After looking through the main parts of the house - uh did I mention that it had a pool, coy pond set up, screened in lanai and wait for already built TREE HOUSE FOR MY KIDS TO FORM THEIR OWN SECRET BOYS AND GIRLS SOCIETYS??????? Well it did. And Dale noticed that the house didn't indeed need TLC. It needed to be B-O-U-G-H-T! Halfway through him showing me the house before going out back, he starts showing me other houses that I should be interested in. Come on! Was he serious? Yes he was. He even tried to pull:

"This house here I just showed to a young woman with 3 kids (I had my 2 there with me) and she loved it and if you want I could get you in to see that house. I think alot of people are looking at it this week so you've got to get in there fast."

................................really Dale?...................................really? Like. Really, really?..................

And by the time we had finished looking at the whole house he was showing me 3 other properties that I SHOULD be interested in because every other family that he showed them to absolutely loooooooved these houses.

ANYWAY. So today I call him to get in a showing because our intent was to purchase it with our tax return and spend the rest of our lives fixing the place up little by little. Blog post by blog post. ;o)

He calls me back and says "Oh I'm sorry I called to make an appointment on that house and the listing agent told me it's under contract." Probably under HIS contract. I said rather quickly, "Oh okay thanks anyway. I'm sure we'll find another." and hung up with him.

Then it really sunk in......I've lost my dream house........and right at this moment I feel like no other home can hold a candle to it. I feel disgusted and depressed. How dare that house not wait for me - it's rightful owner.....I am cut to the quick.

Sadness ensues.

Has this ever happened to you? And if so, how did you deal with it? Did you camp out at the house until the owners called the cops on you or invited you in for a cup of tea? Is there any moving on from this?

My Best,

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