Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keeping It In Perspective...

mansion: Jim Miotke @ BetterPhoto.com
shack foto courtesy: FriedmanArchives.com

Keeping it in perspective is really what we are trying to do. Between my husband and my own tastes we are almost as opposite as the 2 houses pictured above. My husband wants something move-in ready and new and with a large great room so he can stretch out comfortably. I want a decent sized house with enough room for our immediate 4 person family and then enough room for us to grow into.

But! There's always a but isn't there? Yes, well in our case it's that both of our parents are getting up in years and are no longer spring chickens. And with me being my parents only daughter, I've known since my youth that in the event of any life altering change (heart attack that doesn't kill them but disables them, alzheimers, yada, yada, yada) that it would fall on my shoulders to care for them. "But Lynn, that's where nursing homes and rehab centers come into play." Umm....I've worked in those places and not for nothing, but there's no way my parents are ending up in the hands of that kind of facility.

For all those reasons that is why we must tread carefully when settling on our family home for the next couple of decades. This purchase is so huge and momentous because we want it to be the last place we have to buy for the rest of our childrens youth ya know? No more moving for them, because we feel like they need roots.

So with all of my house hunting prowess (yes I can almost always guess the right house someone will pick on House Hunters and HH International) I am trying to keep MY future house in perspective. I watch all these shows and honestly I start to get kind of disgusted at how greedy people get when it comes to homes. Granted, alot of these people have professional careers and can afford it, but some can't. I was watching an episode of My First Place and there was a family of 4 the husband was a bartender/waiter and the wife was pretty much a Stay At Home Mom that worked once or twice a week waitressing as well. The way they were looking at houses you'd think they were trust fund babies! Their wish list was yay long - "I NEED a walk in closet without a doubt! Granite countertops a MUST!!!!"

Seriously.........????? And how did they plan on paying the mortgage on a house with all those bells and whistles. The end result was they did get a house with alot of things in it that they wanted and you could tell they were getting in over their heads when in the end they said to each other "Yeah we are going to really have to scale back alot. But we don't care. We got the house of our dreams."

Sometimes dreams can become nightmares folks.

So I am trying to now scale back my vision of what my dream house should look like. I am certainly not thinking along the lines of granite countertops, I don't mind painting my own space. Crown molding? Eh...a luxury in mine eyes. Thinking and remembering that there are so many people not only in 3rd world countries, but in our very own United States backyards with absolutely nothing is really helping me to remember that my family and I don't need the biggest, latest and greatest to be happy, cared for, and satisfied.

Besides....who's going to be cleaning this mansion anyway? Me! ;o)

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