Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Most Beautiful Childrens Hospital

Sorry no words from me yesterday but there was a valid reason. I spent most of my day fretting over my firstborn son and his first - and hopefully last - foray into the hospital for oral surgery. Yes, my son is the kid screaming from the back office of the Dentist making your kid start to squirm and get nervous thinking that his fate will be the same. So our last ditch effort was to get him fully anesthetized and do all the work in one shot.

He was fine, I was the blubbery mess, he lived, has nice teeth to show for it, and now onto the goods!

He went to Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital in Orlando, FL. We live nowhere near there so of course the majority of my day was spent in the car commuting to and fro. This place is absolutely gorgeous!

Here are just a few pictures for you to see what they had going on...

This was inlaid at the front of the information desk.

But what is that detail? Is that beading? Wait for it....

They're marbles!!! This is just screaming "Duplicate me somehow!" I can see this showing up in my childrens toy box. Hmm...

Now look at this childrens' waiting table...don't mind my daughter looking over and above me like I didn't just say "Look at Mommy....say cheese!"

It's so Leroy Jetson, this table, isn't it?
And check out this gem of a detail...

A webbed foot like a duck...my head exploded after I saw this. Good thing I was at the hospital.

And finally take a look see at this "tree" at the Nurses Station. The branches reached the ceiling and then they painted leaves onto the ceiling panels as well. Too cute.

I hope you enjoyed this architectural gem of a Hospital. If the decor wasn't comforting enough, the staff was awesome as well. So if your wee one has to get treated for anything while in the state of FL - request to be dropped off here.

I was given permission to take these photos by more than one member of personnel. The only stipulation was no patients or staff could be captured. I hope I followed their guidelines. These photos are my own property, if you would like to use them, just please either drop me a line telling me so, and link back to me here. Thanks!

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