Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Home Now

Hopefully it's no secret on here that I would love to own my own home. There are a few variables that need to be in place however before that step can be taken. There are alot of things that could always go wrong when getting into real estate, but there are also so many things that can go right at the same time.

Here is my list of the Top 5 Reasons Why I Want to Buy a Home NOW....(no pressure hubby...)

1) Even though I get this glazed over vacant stare in my eyes whenever the topic of numbers and math is brought up, even I know that the whole interest rates, loan amounts, housing prices are so low that it would take an actual doornail to be dumb enough not to get in while the gettins good.

2) I have already fallen in love with about 3 houses in our town that just whisper to me "Come home to me, curl up with a good book in my window coves, paint me, water me, take out a low-interest mortgage on me..."

3) The price of homes in my Southern FL town are so low that it's absolutely disgusting. Just short of buying a house for $1.00 like I heard they were doing last year in Detroit, houses here are going for next to nothing. i.e. 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage - 79,900 - oh and did I mention that it was built in '05?

4) I wanted to get a dog but the hubs said no. I wanted a new car and the hubs said no to that too. I'm just trying to make grownup decisions here. I am almost 30 and what screams "grown up" more than a mortgage, a leaky roof, and eating in every day of the week to afford said mortgage?

5) I have watched so much HDTV and DIY Network to know how to build a house almost from the foundation up so why let all this knowledge rot and go to waste? These useful hands were made to custom decorate a home with paint swatches and custom curtains for reals!

I think that I have made a pretty good case and now I just have to convince the one with the European man-purse strings to read this post and get my subtle hints! ;o)


NatureGirl said...

Go for it!

Lynn said...

NatureGirl thanks for the support. Here goes everything!

My best, Lynn

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