Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thing I'm Loving This Thursday...

I say thing just because I have been dreaming of this one thing ever since I laid eyes on it earlier this week and just had to pass it along to any of you that may have missed it.

Look at this beaut of bathroom....courtesy of Young House Love.

foto courtesy YHL

Of course the whole thing is just insanely put together (in a good way) but the thing that really makes cameos in my dreams at night is their ceiling to floor 95" shower curtain. They are a rare breed, but guess who is going to track one down in the weeks to come? Moi. Good guess.

Thanks for hosting todays post inspiration Teresha over at Marlie and Me

My Best,


Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

Good luck with your search! I miss have a shower curtain. We have those glass doors that are a pain to keep clean.
I love that you joined in the fun this week!

Lynn said...

Yeah glass doors are a pain. I used to have them growing up and they were always coming off the track and slamming my fingers. Not a big fan!

My best, Lynn

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