Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Came To a Decision - Kinda...

Okay so remember the last post where I was lamenting what kind of house to get? Should we get a fixer upper and just spiff it up over the years or should we get that new construction that is move-in ready but lacks character?

Well we've come to a decision....I think.

Currently we are renting a pretty sweet house down South for basically next to nothing. Its a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom ranch style for only $500 bucks a month. Awesome right? Right. The downsides to this place is the 1 bathroom for 4 people can get hectic at times, nearly every single outlet gives of a slight spark every time we plug something in (which an electrician said to me once "That's perfectly NORMAL!") I think he was lying and paid off by the landlord. Oh and the street behind us had a drug bust at one of the properties. Greeeeeat! Safety is an issue on many levels with this house.

But other than that, this place is awesome. We have a den that is now serving as our office, a large screened in lanai (back porch essentially), huge yard for the kiddies to run amok, tire swing, shed, orange tree, fenced in. It's got a great feel to the place.

So my husband and I have decided to stay. And make this our home. And pray each night that we don't get robbed or blown up because the senior citizens down the street's meth lab exploded.

Until something better comes along..... ;o)

My Best,


NatureGirl said...

You have to check out...
Little Blue Chairs and Drab to Fab...I think you will like them!

Lynn said...

You were right, I love the Little Blue Chairs but for some reason couldn't find the Drab to Fab site. Do you have the link?

My best, Lynn

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