Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Laundry Day

Today is my Laundry Day.

Just me and piles of laundry hanging out, getting along, and getting put away.

I need something to watch though too. So here I am with my clothes and old last season episodes of HGTV Design Star.

I have to catch up on it sometime right?

What do you guys watch on your laundry day? Or does music do it for you?

Friday, July 15, 2011

This Lawn Needs Mowin'!

Look at this picture of our backyard...it needs some serious TLC - stat!

We let it go so much for a couple of reasons.
1) Our mower broke last summer and we never got it fixed - we actually sold it to Harriet "The Mower Lady" in town for a few bucks. Hey if it's broke and you don't have the moolah to fix it, then sell it! Our family motto. :o)
2) Our rainy season leaves little time between downpours to run out and get the lawn cut. Who wants to dodge lightning bolts?
3) We just put it on the backburner and ignorance was bliss. I mean come on, we were indoors in 73 degree a/c all summer. Life was not bad...

But now it has reached critical mass and we want to entertain back there again, so we are finally (using a borrowed mower - thanks mom and dad!) slaying the Backyard Beast that is our yard.

So hopefully the next update on the backyard will go from this...

To this...

photo courtesy hotspringdc

Whaaaat? You say I will have to move to a completely different house to get this desired effect? Ummm...yep, you're right. I have a head full of dreams what can I tell ya?

Is anyone else working on backyard resuscitation right now? Or am I just way too tardy for the party and all alone out there?

Gotta Love The Guides!