Monday, January 2, 2012

House Update

Okay so as you know we put in an offer on a purdy little old house. I mean old like built in 1974 old! And now we are just waiting for our realtors office to be back from vacation and open tomorrow - Tuesday Jan. 3 - so that we can get in there and start signing all of the paperwork that is needed to go into escrow? Am I using the right terminology?

I am so sick to my stomach lately. This whole process has been giving me agida like you would not believe. If I never have heartburn again for the rest of my life, I will be set because I have had enough this past week alone to last me a lifetime. After the offer was submitted I nearly fainted. Literally and truly, I kid you not. I got off the phone with our man Steve and then my head started swirling and all I could manage to comprehend was that we were spending more money on this one purchase than we ever have on anything in our entire lives. Combined probably too! And my body was in turmoil because of it. Thankfully, we have tons of great friends that were able to talk me off that ledge and tell me that "buyers remorse" is a real thing and that everyone goes through it, but after a little while it subsides and the excitement of moving and setting up your home kicks in and overrides that feeling.

So now I am waiting anxiously for that feeling to settle in permanently instead of coming and going as it pleases. Haha!

What about you guys? When you put in your first offer on your first place how did your body react? Any fainters out there? And how long did it take you before you heard back on the initial offer? It took us 2 and 1/2 days. It felt like forever but thankfully we did hear back.

Weigh in on this discussion. "Buyers remorse". A real thing or a bad sign? Do tell.


NatureGirl said...

Ha ha! Lynn...I have no doubt that you will be just fine! You are such a strong capable woman. I don't remember fainting with our first house, but it was scary. That was nearly 20 years ago. I do not regret it. We are in a different house now not too far from our first, but I still think of that place fondly and drive by on occasion and wonder at who is building memories there now! Enjoy it...And good luck!

Lynn said...

:o) Thank you NaturGirl. These words really mean alot to me, you don't even know. (hugs) <—I'm a hugger!

My best, Lynn

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