Monday, January 30, 2012

House Update...

Let's just start off by saying a with a huge thumbs down "BOOOOOOO!!!!"

After all these weeks of breaking my back, guzzling gas like a champ, and wearing my vans brakes to almost nubs trying to get to the realtors office before they close up for the day, I get a message from my backup realtor (the one that the main realtor delegates most of our paperwork to) saying that the underwriter needs this that and the other. Almost 3 weeks in. And in the beginning I had asked her if there is anything that the underwriter usually asks for and she was all like "La dee da dee dah - nope, you should be good." How wrong was she?

Hold on. I need to take a few deep breaths and let my blood pressure go down. Counting to 10...okay I'm good again.

Yeah, so the chick tells me that everything is all hunky dorey and meanwhile back on the ranch the underwriter needed all this stuff to get our loan approval finalized and now long story short - this morning I went and dropped off the last of our credit tradeline which tells her that we have paid our bills on time for years to our insurance Co. and that they agree and sent us a confirmation letter stating that fact. So now this Tuesday will come and go and bye bye original closing date. It looks like this is going to get pushed back to the mid to late middle of February.

For those of you just starting the process of buying a house, I would get a few of these things in line from the beginning just in case your agent pulls the same thing: bank statements from your bank for the last 12 months, proof of 3 companies you do business with currently that have all positive payment records - you paid them on time consistently sorta thing. And if you are not in the market right now but soon will be then by all means your best bet to getting in a home loan and subsequent home is by paying all of your bills on time and never missing a payment or missing a payment for more than 30 days. And that's my bit of advice for you this fine Monday morning.

But on the bright side, which I do like to look at more so than the dark side of things, some good did come out of today. The realtor who owns the office offered me a job. I am pretty enthusiastic and looking at houses has always been my thing - other than writing. If I couldn't write, then my next most favoritest job would definitely be a realtor. So he said if I get serious about the opportunity he could hook me up with a great real estate teacher dubbed "the best in the area by far" in his own words.

So hmmmmm.....I'm thinking there may be a sweet little career change in my future someday, who knows?

What do you think? Should I become a realtor? Is it ridiculously hard to truly make a buck or is it a sweet gig all the way around? Do tell me what your thoughts are on this.

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